The fresh new determine from body mass index toward actual attractiveness preferences regarding feminist and nonfeminist heterosexual lady and you will lesbiansSwami, V

The fresh new determine from body mass index toward actual attractiveness preferences regarding feminist and nonfeminist heterosexual lady and you will lesbiansSwami, V

Quoting worry about, parental, and you will companion numerous intelligences: a duplication within the MalaysiaSwami, V., Furnham, Good. and you may Kannan, K. 2006. Estimating notice, parental, and you may mate multiple intelligences: a duplication when you look at the Malaysia. Journal out of Social Therapy. 146 (6), pp. 645-655.

The newest feet-to-human anatomy proportion given that a person aesthetic criterionSwami, V., Einon, D. and you will Furnham, A beneficial. 2006. New base-to-human anatomy proportion once the a person artistic criterion. System Picture. step three (4), pp. 317-323.

Bipolar state of mind diseases second so you can mitochondrial encephalomyopathy, lactic acidosis and you will heart attack-such as periods (MELAS): a case studyKannan, K., Bronze, S.Yards.K., Pillai, S.K., Sinniah, D., Raymond, A.An excellent., Hamzaini, An excellent.H., Foong, L.S., Ismail, W.S., Ruzyanie, Letter. and you may Swami, V. 2006. Bipolar spirits disorder secondary to help you mitochondrial encephalomyopathy, lactic acidosis and you may stroke-such as for instance periods (MELAS): a situation study. Hong kong Record away from Psychiatry. 16 (4), pp. 150-153.

Modifying attitudes out-of elegance while the observers are in contact with an alternate cultureTovee, Meters.J., Swami, V., Furnham, An effective. and Mangalparsad, Roentgen. 2006. Changing attitudes out of elegance due to the fact observers come in contact with an alternative culture. Development and People Behavior. twenty seven (6), pp. 443-456.

The new influence from body mass index towards the bodily appeal needs out of feminist and you may nonfeminist heterosexual lady and you may lesbians

„Who thinks Now i need the greatest human body?“ perceptions and you may interior conversation among kids about their bodiesMcCabe, Yards.P., Ricciardelli, L.Good. and you will Ridge, Damien T. 2006. „Who believes I want the ultimate body?“ thinking and you can inner conversation among teenagers regarding their regulators. 55 (5-6), pp. 409-419.

The newest dictate out of investment availability towards the choices for looks lbs and you can low-human objectsSwami, V., Poulogianni, K. and Furnham, A good. 2006. The fresh new influence out-of funding access on tastes to have muscles lbs and you may low-human stuff. Log out-of Posts to get brand new Null Theory. 4 (1), pp. 17-28.

Really does appetite influence judgments of ladies bodily attractiveness?Swami, V. and you can Tovee, M.J. 2006. Do appetite influence judgments out-of females actual attractiveness? United kingdom Record regarding Psychology. 97 (3), pp. 353-363.

Fat, waist-to-cool proportion and you will nipple dimensions correlates out of feedback out of elegance and you can healthFurnham, An excellent., Swami, V. and you can Shah, K. 2006. Lbs, waist-to-hip proportion and you can breast dimensions correlates out of recommendations of attractiveness and you may wellness. Identity and Personal Differences. 41 (3), pp. 443-454.

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The science out of muscles metricsTreleaven, P., Furnham, Good. and you will Swami, V. 2006. The technology regarding system metrics. The Psychologist. 19 (7), pp. 416-419.

The development of one’s adolescent men muscles through sportRicciardelli, L.An effective., McCabe, Meters.P. and you can Ridge, Damien T. 2006. The building of your teenage male muscles thanks to recreation. Diary out-of Wellness Psychology. 11 (4), pp. 577-587.

A life threatening sample of one’s sides-to-hip proportion theory of women’s bodily appeal in the united kingdom and you may GreeceSwami, V., Antonakopoulos, Letter., Tovee, Yards.J. and you will Furnham, Good. 2006. A life threatening take to of one’s waist-to-hip ratio theory of ladies‘ physical appeal in the united kingdom and you will Greece. 54 (3-4), pp. 201-211.

This new dictate out of fat and you may contour when you look at the choosing girls and you can male actual attractivenessSwami, V. 2006. The determine regarding weight and you may shape within the determining people and men real elegance. in: Ferrera, L.An effective. (ed.) Manage body mass index and you can health look Nyc Nova Research Editors. pp. 1-twenty-eight

The newest determine of weight and you can profile in determining female and you can male physical attractivenessSwami, V. 2006. The brand new influence of fat and profile inside the determining lady and you will male bodily elegance. in: Kindes, Yards.V. (ed.) Human body photo: a new study Nyc, United states of america Nova Research Editors. pp. 35-61

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Girls physical attractiveness and body photo problems for the MalaysiaSwami, V. 2006. Female real elegance and the body photo issues in Malaysia. Malaysian Record of Psychiatry. 14, pp. 3-7.

An examination of the brand new factorial and convergent authenticity out of five actions out of conspiracist ideation, having suggestions for researchersSwami, V., Barron, D., Weis, L., Voracek, Meters., Stieger, S. and you may Furnham, An excellent. 2017. An examination of the latest factorial and you will convergent validity from four procedures away from conspiracist ideation, that have suggestions for researchers. PLoS One to. twelve (2) e0172617.

Cultural affects toward body size ideals: unpacking brand new impression of westernisation and you will modernisationSwami, V. 2015. Social affects to the muscles size beliefs: unpacking the latest feeling regarding westernisation and you can modernisation. European Psychologist. 20, pp. 44-51.

Contacts anywhere between schizotypy and you will trust into the conspiracist ideationBarron, D., Morgan, K.D., Towell, A., Altemeyer, B. and you can Swami, V. 2014. Contacts anywhere between schizotypy and you can faith from inside the conspiracist ideation. Personality and you can Personal Differences. 70, pp. 156-159.

Capital coverage influences men’s room ladies breast size preferencesSwami, V. and you may Tovee, Yards.J. 2013. Financing security impacts men’s lady breast proportions choices. PLoS You to. 8 (3) e57623.

Factor design of the human body admiration size certainly Indonesian female and you will men: subsequent evidence of a two-grounds provider from inside the a low-Western populationSwami, V. and you may Jaafar, J.L. 2012. Factor construction of one’s looks love size certainly Indonesian lady and you will men: after that proof a two-foundation services for the a non-West people. Muscles Picture. 9 (4), pp. 539-542.

Dancing towards the positive human body photo? Investigating looks-associated constructs with ballet and latest dancers on other levelsSwami, V. and Harris, A.S. 2012. Dance on positive human anatomy image? Investigating human anatomy-relevant constructs having ballet and you may modern performers during the different membership. Western Log away from Moving Treatment. 34 (1), pp. 39-52.

Attitudes and you may meta-attitudes out-of worry about and you will lover actual attractivenessSwami, V., Waters, L. and you will Furnham, An excellent. 2011. Thinking and you may meta-thinking out of self and you will lover real appeal. Personality and you can Private Distinctions. 44 (7), pp. 811-814.

Human anatomy dissatisfaction analyzed by the Photographic Shape Get Level is actually associated that have sociocultural, identification, and you can news influencesSwami, V., Taylor, Roentgen. and you can Carvalho, C. 2011. System dissatisfaction analyzed because of the Photographic Contour Get Size is relevant having sociocultural, identification, and you will news affects. Scandinavian Record away from Mindset. 52 (1), pp. 57-63.

Relationships between trait psychological intelligence, actual–best weight difference, and you will confident muscles imageSwami, V., Begum, S. and you can Petrides, K.V. 2010. Contacts between attribute psychological intelligence, actual–greatest lbs discrepancy, and you can self-confident system visualize. Identity and you can Individual Variations. 44 (5), pp. 485-489.

This new communications away from social thinking off graduates‘ lifetime possibility and you may college or university department fundingSwami, V., Furnham, A beneficial., Haubner, T., Stieger, S. and you may Voracek, M. 2010. The fresh new telecommunications out-of societal perceptions from graduates‘ lives opportunity and college department funding. Degree. 59 (1), pp. 105-113.

System enjoy, news dictate, and you may pounds position predict thought away from cosmetic surgery among female undergraduatesSwami, V. 2009. Human anatomy appreciation, news influence, and weight standing expect attention of cosmetic surgery certainly female undergraduates. Body Visualize. 6 (4), pp. 315-317.

Thinking or other quotes of several performance in the uk and you can Poultry: a mix-social evaluation out-of subjective critiques out-of intelligenceFurnham, An effective., Arteche, An effective., Chamorro-Premuzic, T., Keser, A. and you can Swami, V. 2009. Self and other estimates away from several results in the united kingdom and you may Poultry: a cross-social review off subjective evaluations out of cleverness. Worldwide Journal regarding Mindset. 49 (6), pp. 434-442.

Identification and you may private differences correlates away from positive body imageSwami, V., Hadji-Michael, Meters. and you can Furnham, A good. 2008. Personality and you may private distinction correlates out-of self-confident body photo. Looks Visualize. 5 (3), pp. 322-325.

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