Relationships between idea out-of cosmetic surgery, perfectionism proportions, physical appearance schemas, relationships pleasure, way too much support-looking to, and you can like stylesSwami, V

Relationships between idea out-of cosmetic surgery, perfectionism proportions, physical appearance schemas, relationships pleasure, way too much support-looking to, and you can like stylesSwami, V

Personal mental origins away from conspiracy ideas: the outcome of your own Jewish conspiracy idea within the MalaysiaSwami, V. 2012. Societal mental root from conspiracy theories: the fact of Jewish conspiracy theory when you look at the Malaysia. Frontiers in Therapy. 3 280.

Identity differences when considering tattooed and you may non-tattooed individualsSwami, V., Pietschnig, J., Bertl, B., Nader, We.W., Stieger, S. and Voracek, M. 2012. Character differences when considering inked and non-tattooed somebody. Emotional Profile. 111 (1), pp. 97-106.

An investigation out-of worry about-rated signs said to influence this new judgment away from cleverness during the good zero-friend contextSwami, V. and you will Furnham, Good. 2012. A study away from notice-ranked cues believed to influence the view away from cleverness into the an excellent zero-associate context. Log out-of Applied Social Therapy. 42 (8), pp. 2064-2076.

With over 10% your minds: exploring belief in the technology-related mythology away from an individual differences perspectiveSwami, V., Stieger, S., Pietschnig, J., Nader, I.W. and you can Voracek, Yards. 2012. With over ten% of your brains: investigating faith from inside the technology-associated mythology away from a single differences angle. Discovering and you may Personal Variations. twenty-two (3), pp. 404-408.

The brand new sociocultural adjustment trajectory from around the globe college students and character regarding college or university structures: a great qualitative investigationColes, Roentgen. and you can Swami, V. 2012. The sociocultural changes trajectory regarding around the world college students as well as the part regarding university structures: an effective qualitative analysis. Diary out of Lookup from inside the All over the world Studies. eleven (1), pp. 87-100.

Gorgeous once the opportunity appointment towards a dissecting desk off an excellent sewing-machine and you may a keen umbrella! Individual differences and you can liking to possess surrealist literatureSwami, V., Pietschnig, J., Stieger, S., Nader, I.W. and you can Voracek, Yards. 2012. Gorgeous just like the chance fulfilling to your an excellent dissecting dining table away from a great sewing-machine and you may a keen umbrella! Private distinctions and you may taste getting surrealist literature. Therapy regarding Looks, Innovation, while the Arts. 6 (1), pp. 35-42.

S. 2012

Basis design and you can correlates of one’s enjoy out of plastic surgery measure among Southern Korean university studentsSwami, V., Hwang, C.S. and you may . Grounds construction and you will correlates of your greet from plastic surgery measure certainly Southern Korean college students. Aesthetic Functions Diary. thirty two (2), pp. 220-229.

The fresh new feeling away from psychological stress on men’s judgements off lady system sizeSwami, V. and you may Tovee, M.J. 2012. The brand new impact from psychological stress on men’s room decisions from lady muscles proportions. PLoS You to. 7 (8) e42593.

This new dictate of face piercings and you will observer identification toward perceptions regarding real attractiveness and you can intelligenceSwami, V., Stieger, S., Pietschnig, J., Voracek, Meters., Furnham, An excellent. and you will Tovee, M.J. 2012. This new influence regarding facial piercings and you may observer identification into thinking out of actual elegance and you may intelligence. European Psychologist. 17 (3), pp. 213-221.

After that study of one’s validity and accuracy of the photo shape get level to have system visualize assessmentSwami, V., Stieger, S., Harris, A beneficial.S., Nader, I.W., Pietschnig, J., Voracek, M. and you may Tovee, M.J. 2012. Then data of validity and reliability of one’s photo contour rating size having body image research. Journal regarding Character Research. 94 (4), pp. 404-409.

Just how to not feel better i thought about this nude? The results out-of tv programs that use ‚real women‘ to the lady viewers‘ looks picture and you can moodSwami, V. and you can Smith, J.M. 2012. Exactly how not to ever feel great naked? The consequences of television courses that use ‚real women‘ towards women viewers‘ muscles photo and you can disposition. Journal of Societal and Scientific Mindset. 30 (2), pp. 151-168.

Connectivity ranging from planning of plastic surgery, perfectionism dimensions, physical appearance schemas, dating satisfaction, way too much reassurance-seeking, and you may love looks

The results from striped dresses on attitudes away from human anatomy sizeSwami, V. and Harris, Good. The results out-of striped attire towards attitudes regarding system proportions. Social Choices and you can Personality: a major international diary. 40 (8), pp. 1239-1244.

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