Around the guy met and you can spoke with Col

Around the guy met and you can spoke with Col

generated a trip to Stopham, England to consult with the old globe nearest and dearest seat of your own Bartlett nearest and dearest. Walter B. Barttelot, the latest member of United kingdom “Bartellot” family members who was next 53 years old. Professor Bartlett is the dominating source for the fresh new English ancestry out of this new Bartletts, with his conclusions was basically authored about publication written by Levi Bartlett entitled “Genealogical and you can Biographical Paintings of your Bartlett Members of the family inside The united kingdomt and you will America.”

The latest family’s info in Stopham demonstrate that Brian, a good knight (described for the old sources due to the fact Guido de- Brionne), and his Esquire, Adam Barttelot, sailed more than regarding Liseux section regarding Normandy which have William this new Conqueror. It battled during the Battle out of Hastings in the 1066 and you will each other try listed on the Battle Abbey Move off participants. These places had formerly become owned by good Saxon relatives by the title out-of Ford. Title “Berthelot”, seen as a version minichat regarding Barttelot, has been latest during the Normandy.

There is speculation you to definitely Adam Barttelot try a good seven th age bracket descendant off Prince Berthelot, a nephew regarding Charlemagne. Toward Competition Abbey Part he’s named “Berteulay”. After they sometimes takes place because the “Adam de- Bertuilay” and you will “Adam de Bartelot”.

Richard work the fresh new ferry ranging from Amesbury and Newbury, which town into the Newbury has started to become Maudsley Condition Park

Inside Levi Bartlett’s guide the fresh new Barttelot family descent forest chronicles 21 generations off Barttelots you start with Adam, and you will finishing with Col. Walter Barttelot which illustrated new twenty-first generation. He or she is known from inside the Bartlett’s guide as the Sir Walter D. Barttelot, M.P., J. P. and you can D. L., Capt. Regal Dragoons.

During the early 14 th millennium Barttelot nearest and dearest fought not as much as Queen Edward III in the victories across the French at Crecy for the 1348 and also at Poitiers in 1356.

Pursuing the Conquest Sir Brian assumed title off Brian de- Stopham and you can both the guy and Adam Barttelot obtained gives away from property during the Sussex one became the fresh village from Stopham

From the late 14 th 100 years John Barttelot, new ninth age group on Barttelot range, s and you will came into sole hands of one’s Stopham and you will Barttelot features. He caught the fresh new castle of Fontenay within the France which Edward the brand new Black colored Prince gave him a castle having their crest. He had been appointed Lord of your Manor and you may Patron of one’s Rectory, M.P. towards Cinque Ports inside the 1392, and became treasurer of one’s Earl away from Arundel and you will executor of his tend to within the 1415.

On the eleventh generation from Barttelots brand new lineage makes reference to an enthusiastic Edmund Barttelot out of Stopham and you will Ernly exactly who passed away during the 1591, 3 years following overcome of your Foreign-language Armada. While this English link with the latest American Bartlett group are competitive from the specific, the evidence looks obvious. Professor Bartlett discovered into the his see that a couple of Edmund’s four sons on English Barttelot facts have the same names since the the two guys-John and you will Richard-exactly who compensated for the Newbury, Massachusetts. He discovered that those two sons “offered right back” their lands on the following heir of your Stopham locations and you can and so had “the brand new pecuniary means” to get to The united states. A third child, Thomas, contains the same label in the Stopham facts because Thomas just who compensated into the Watertown at about the same time frame.

John Bartlett and you may Richard Bartlett, Josiah Bartlett’s high-great-parent, involved Newbury regarding watercraft “Mary and you can John” into the 1634, and paid into the Newbury for the 1635 where Richard did since a shoemaker. Richard are a senior in the church, and produced the latest Breeches Bible that have him inscribed toward beginning dates from their friends.

Levi Bartlett writes you to definitely “This new Bartlett families paid close by the area entitled Bartlett’s Cove in the Newbury, opposite Amesbury Ferry. Richard passed away on twenty-five, 1647 in fact it is hidden on the old Sawyer Burying ground from inside the Newbury. The guy and you will she passed away from inside the Newbury.

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